In the wake of toilet paper shortages around the world due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, software developer Ben Sassoon and artist Sam Harris have created “How Much Toilet Paper”, a very handy online calculator that helps to determine how much toilet paper you need to buy for your quarantine.

The calculator takes into account your current inventory, the number of toilet trips per day, the number of people in the household, the size of the roll and how many sheets are used by each person. Sassoon and Harris have determined that most people have more than enough to last them for quite a while. They also suggest that people only take what they need.

Sliders alter the amount of toilet rolls you have and the amount of times you go to the toilet everyday. There are also advanced settings, which alter wipes per trip, sheets per wipe, sheets on roll and the length of your quarantine. The average user has 500% more toilet paper than they need for quarantine. Not everyone is able to get to a store and stock up on toilet roll. Don’t be selfish.

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