New York Congresswoman Stefanik called for an “independent investigation” into New York Governor Cuomo’s nursing home policies after reports emerged that the state was undercounting the number of coronavirus-related deaths in assisted living facilities.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reported that the state had started omitting the deaths of nursing home patients who died in hospitals.  The state of New York still leads the nation with 5,000+ nursing home deaths since the coronavirus pandemic began.  New York Governor Cuomo initially required nursing homes to admit coronavirus patients, but he reversed that policy earlier this month



Congresswoman Stefanik said:

New York has mismanaged how we have approached and how we’ve protected our seniors in our nursing homes. We knew, going into this, that our most vulnerable are our seniors and particularly in those assisted living facilities, whether they’re senior living facilities or nursing homes. 

New York, when compared to other states, took a number of negative actions that cost over 5,000 lives.

They also didn’t fully tell the public how many seniors’ deaths there were coming from nursing homes. So that reporting data, they didn’t count the hospital deaths when there was a positive case that was transmitted because of the senior nursing home.


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