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Category - Stock Markets

With Millions Unable to Pay for Housing Next Month, Organizers Plan the Largest Rent Strike in Nearly a Century

Education, Stock Markets

Want to take a look at a grim picture of the state of American dissent during the coronavirus pandemic?  Then take an overview of recent media coverage: The press focused disproportionate attention on a few hundred reactionaries, in…

House votes to pass $484 billion coronavirus relief bill for small businesses, hospitals and coronavirus testing

Education, Stock Markets

The House of Representatives passed its latest $484 billion coronavirus relief bill.  This measure – approved by the Senate on Tuesday – puts 1.  Another $370 billion into aid for small businesses damaged by the coronavirus pandemic 2.  $75 billion…

John Hopkins study: USA more prepared for pandemic than any other country

Education, Stock Market Secrets that Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to Know, Stock Markets

  In 2019 the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (JHCHS) reported that the USA was ranked the best-prepared country in the world to handle a pandemic.        The Global Health Security…

Insider Trading? U. S. Senators Dumped Millions in Stocks Before Coronavirus Market Crash

Stock Markets

Democrat Senator Feinstein of California and three of her Senate colleagues reported selling off stocks worth millions of dollars in the days before the coronavirus outbreak crashed the stock markets.  The three other senators are identified as Richard Burr of North Carolina, Kelly Loeffler of Georgia…

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Startles Wall Street with Unusual Calls to Top Bank CEOs

Stock Markets

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin startled financial analysts, bankers and economists Sunday by issuing an unusual statement declaring that the nation’s six largest banks had ample credit to extend to American businesses and households.

Stock Markets Continue to Drop and Drop and Drop

Stock Market Secrets that Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to Know, Stock Markets

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