Deutsche Bank suggests a new tax of 5% of an employee’s salary if he/she decides to voluntarily work from home during a pandemic.


Some details on this proposed tax are as follows:

  • Employers would be responsible for paying this tax.
  • It may generate income to pay people who cannot work from home.
  • This tax is suppose to generate billions of dollars.
  • The tax would be paid directly by employers who choose to let employees work home.

  • It would not apply to “the self-employed and those on low incomes”.

  • The tax would not apply when people are asked to stay home for a public health emergency or other medical reasons.



Deutsche Bank argues this new tax is only “fair”, as those who work from home are saving money and not paying into the “system” like those who go out to work.

Do people really need another tax right now – in the middle of a pandemic, economic turmoil and chaotic elections???  What do you think?

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