One of the most recommended ways to make money online is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is also one of the easiest (not a get rich quick scheme) to make money online. As a beginner, all you need is a computer with internet access and the step by step tutorials below to begin your journey to making money online. Keep on reading as you are about to learn how to make money online the legal way.

How much you will earn depends on the efforts you put in. Treat this as a business and not a shiny object syndrome. Pick on method and stick to it.

Affiliate marketing is earning commissions or revenue on someone’s else product or service. You earn money for referring others to make a purchase. In affiliate marketing, we have percentage share and fixed share. For example, Markethealth (an affiliate network) can give you a fixed commission of $45 if you promote any of their products. They also have a 30% share on some of their affiliate products. An example affiliate marketing website is This is a website that promotes internet marketing products as an affiliate. You can get JVZoo Launch Product Reviews & Bonuses from this site.

In other to be an affiliate marketer, you need to join an affiliate network to promote their products or services. Below is a list of the most popular affiliate networks a Ghanaian can join.

List of Affiliate Networks

Apply to the following affiliate networks, pick your affiliate products and get your links.

How to get paid your affiliate commissions

  1. Through PayPal

(leave a comment below if you want to get your own verified PayPal account in Ghana)

  1. Payoneer

Click on this link to register with Payoneer. Sign up with your real details and don’t use your P.)>Box address as billing address.

When you have earned enough commissions, Payoneer will ship your card to you in Ghana (this is the time you can provide your P.O.Box address as your shipping address).

How to pick an affiliate product to promote

  • The most important aspect of promoting an affiliate product is the demand for the product. The more people are promoting a particular product, the profitable it is. Make sure your check the popularity of each product on the various affiliate networks before you pick to promote it.
  • The 2nd point you should consider is the revenue you would earn as an affiliate. it makes no sense to promote a product that makes you $1 per commission. Pick products than you can earn at least $15 per sale but the higher the better.
  • The 3rd consideration is the competition involved in promoting the product. There are so many ways in promoting affiliate products, I am going to share with you the best 5. Before you pick a product, check the promotional methods, and ask yourself which one will come more natural to you. Based on your strengths (time, internet, computer, money) pick a promotional method you can easily apply and get quick returns in the shortest possible time.

A Recap of what we’ve learned so far:

  • You understand affiliate marketing
  • Join affiliate networks
  • Pick affiliate products

Now, let’s learn how to promote the affiliate offers you’ve selected. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, click this link –> Affiliate Marketing For Beginners.

In our tutorial, we would select a weight loss product from Moreniche, PhenQ (a weight loss product) as our test case.


Join Quora and answer questions related to weight loss and diet. Give quality information to people and offer PhenQ as a solution to their problem. Insert your affiliate link in the answers you provide. This method works well but make sure you don’t spam Quora. Your answers must have value. You should write 200 – 400 words in the answers section. Keep providing valuable answers and readers would reward you by clicking on your affiliate links to make a purchase.


Create videos reviewing PhenQ. Google how to create Youtube videos and learn the different ways you can create review videos. Al,so create videos educating people on weight loss. At the end of every video, recommend PhenQ to your viewers as the best product to buy for weight loss. Don’t forget to add your affiliate links to the video description. The more videos you make, the more views you get. The more views you get, the more clicks you get on your affiliate links. Do this consistently and you would start receiving affiliate commissions from your videos. The key factor to this is create a great channel. Brand your channel in the niche (topic or market) you’ve chosen. Provide quality educational and informative videos.

List Building

This is a form of using email marketing to promote your affiliate products. Create an opt-in form to capture leads (email addresses). You achieve this by giving a free info in return for their emails. As more people subscribe to your list, use your autoresponder to market your affiliate products to them.


Do you have a passion? Do you have a solution or knowledge on a popular problem? If yes, setup a blog and share your knowledge with the world. In so doing, you become an authority household name. Offer your affiliate products as part of the solution. As more of your blog visitors trust you, they would be willing to buy products recommended by you.


Join Facebook groups related to your niche. Offer insightful help and once a while slip in your affiliate link. Don’t spam Facebook with affiliate link or you would be removed from that group. One way to mask your affiliate link is to use bitly URL shortener.

Go through the methods listed, pick one that you can apply and start taking action now. It would take time for you to see commissions coming in but it’s worth the wait. Turn the internet into good use, let the internet work for you and build your online properties. After a some time these properties would be earning you recurring passive income.

To learn more about affiliate marketing, click here –> Affiliate Marketing for beginners

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