Antoine: The main challenge was managing the team and hiring too fast on the early signs of success. The online marketing industry is a very fast paced industry, where the most agile and fastest team to catch the next wave is the one to reap the benefits of. Companies that have too many employees end up with too many processes and rules, and as a consequence are not able to achieve that.

– What is IconPeak’s competitive advantage over other agencies? 

Antoine: What sets us apart is the expertise and responsiveness of our team. They work by your side to make sure that you achieve YOUR goals. We also invest heavily in tech to ensure that the traffic we deliver to our advertisers matches their expectations. In terms of tracking, we fully trust Affise, then we build tools around it.

– What’s your major takeaway from being in the industry for more than 15 years? 

Antoine: During these years I have seen many companies and marketers rising and then disappearing after a while. I would say that in order to last nowadays, it takes a much broader range of skills than in the past: from tech, to marketing and sales, the bar is always higher, that’s why the industry is so fascinating.

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