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Abdominal Muscle Toner Abs Training Gear Body Fit Toning Belt Wireless Muscle Exercise For Abdomen/Arm/Leg Training IMATE Smart muscle Trainer Portable Home/Office Workout Equipment Support Men&Women

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(as of 05/14/2021 at 16:45 UTC)

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SKU: B06Y2BV7BN Category: ID: 5661

Summer is upon us!
Look You best while improving your health, reaching your weight loss goals and and increasing fitness levels.

Powerful Fuction

IM-ABS for abdomen Training, IM-BODY for arm/leg and specific body area exercise or massage.

IM-ABS uses EMT (electronic muscle training) uses electrical signals to directly stimulate and exercise the muscles.

Easy to attach and ready to operate at a single touch, comfortable and cordless Training gear to wear.

Gain tighter stronger muscles and a perfect sculpted figure after consecutive use of this product for 6-8 weeks (about 20 minutes per day, 5 times per week). Results can be seen sooner with addition exercise and diet.

Product Features:

  • It’s light and portable.You can do muscle trainning in office, bedroom, or any place you want. Not just in gym.
  • Contact the skin patch with our high-grade soft PU material to ensure a comfortable workout. The soft design gives your attachment to your skin a perfect fit.
  • Great device, and feature set. It’s dosen’t work when accessories of muscle trainer are not connected to the host. In order to make it better effect? keep flatting when you use gel-pad.
  • When you peel the gel pad off your body for about 20~30 times, you need change new gel pads.

Especially suitable for:

  • Fitness Enthusiasts
  • Commuters, White collars, no time for for the gym
  • Lose weight faster
  • Post-partum and much more

DO NOT: using when driving, or operating the machine.
ALWAYS: consult your physician if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant.
ALWAYS: do a small patch skin test 24 hours prior to use to test for skin allergies.
Not suitable for the men whose body has Medical Device, like heart pacemaker etc.


  • Electric Muscle Trainer – What is CRUCIAL for this technique is that transfer the current signal to your muscle directly, making the muscles be in the state of training. It is no longer the signal transferred by brain. Increases blood flow and circulation, beneficial for weight loss especially when added to a healthy diet and routine.
  • Works as a POSITIVE addition to your workout program. IMATE Exercises with 20 mins, end result TUMMY BURNING (muscle burning) as if you were doing 100 sit ups and crunches. It’s not just used in the gym, you can do muscle exercise in office, home, or any place you want.
  • ONE KEY SET & EASY TO OPERATE. IM-ABS for abdomen Training, IM-BODY for /arm/leg and specific body area exercise or massage offers 15 grades of force options. with regular use your waist and abdomen with reflect the wonderful results you can achieve with the IMATE.
  • WEARABILITY & COMFORT: Our Gel pads are imported from Japan. Attach our gel pad to our soft high grade pure silver PU material and feel the comfort of our soft perfect fit skin patch, increase conductivity by 30%.
  • Package Includes: 1*Fitness Apparatus Host + 1* IM-ABS Gel Pad + 1*USB Cable + 1*Storage Bag + 1*Package Box + 1* Instruction Manual+ 1*Support Belt + 1*Bottom Board