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Action Replay 4M Plus – Ultimate enhancement for your Saturn console


(as of 01/27/2021 at 00:28 UTC)

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SKU: B008FPMBNG Category: ID: 2910

This cartridge will allow you to play many of the best Saturn games that are otherwise unplayable without it. Games that support/require the RAM carts. This is the ultimate enhancement for your beloved Saturn console. It features all in one: a cheat cartridge function (compatible with Action Replay codes), an auto switch 1M and 4M Expansion RAM card (to play games such as the Capcom fighting games, Metal Slug, King of Fighters and more), a 4M memory card as well as an import adapter to play foreign games on any Saturn console.


  • 4M memory card
  • 1/4 MB ram expansion pack
  • action replay cheat codes
  • play imports