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Additive-free premium mixed nuts three (almond walnut cashew nuts) unsalted food oil is not used


(as of 07/03/2020 at 19:14 UTC)

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Hit the high-quality raw materials, such as such as local buying cracking and chipping often !! feel that cross-section kicked and brown !! of nuts is !!, to products that are “cheap and nasty” in SALE nuts circulating on the Web No one …? Please be assured it was. our products are on a “fast cheap, good,”, we use the high-quality that was purchased directly in the local farm, including the California raw materials. by all means, relish please. chuck with coating bag mixed nuts to keep the freshness includes a natural antioxidant, can be long-term storage by handling properly. However, in order to maintain the quality, store in a cool dry place, air it is important to not be exposed to. in particular, roasted nuts, because freshness is rapidly fall on contact with air, sealed package if large bag is required. We are sold at “special silver foil coding bag with zipper” in order to keep the freshness cage it. domestic own factory raw materials bought in bagged local farm and roasting in, and direct delivery to directly domestic private factory without passing through the trading companies, craftsmen more than this road three decades has been bagged roasted . also wholesale products such as major Konpini and restaurant chain, we have laid a system of perfection, quality and hygiene management. depending on the timing of the order, those that were bagged roasted in the morning, your hand in the next day some may reach the. * Although we are thorough quality inspection, because the products derived from nature, there is the case that rarely nut shells are mixed. Please understand that.


  • Name: tree nuts
  • Ingredients: walnut (from USA), almonds (from USA
  • Contents: 1kg
  • Blending ratio: walnuts 40% almonds 30% cashew nu
  • Shelf Life: outside the framework described in th