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Pokka Sapporo Sanbazon acai mix Beauty 100% 900ml

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SKU: B01D2QU3K0 Category: ID: 5268

Size: from among the 900ml product introduction National No, 1 acai brand “SAMBAZON (Sanbazon)” (*) from the Natural drink using Acai of the Amazon natives who live in the harsh environment of the first landing in Japan equator body! Super Food “Acai” supporting the overflowing life force. In such acai, is blueberry, cranberry, cassis, Concord grape, etc., 100% fruit juice drink that is a mix of healthy fruit juice, known for rich polyphenol. We support your health and clean of every day with 100% fruit juice mix beauty, including the acai. (*) SPINS, Inc. Category Overview Report 2014/10 / 5-2015 / 10/4 FRUIT JUICES (NON-ORANGE), RF FUNCTIONAL JUICES & BEVERAGES, drinks and frozen pack including the acai in the above-mentioned category than FROZEN FRUITS & VEGETABLES survey results the sales amount of money has been the No, 1. Nutrition information per 100ml


  • Contents: 900ml
  • Calories: 50kcal
  • Ingredients: fruit juice (grape, cranberry, cassi
  • Product size (height x depth x width): 253.0mmX70