Start An Affiliate Business in 7 Easy Steps

Are you tired of waking up to a blaring alarm every morning, sitting in traffic, punching a clock and sitting in an office all day long?

What if there was a way that you could quit the rat race, do whatever you want with your life, and still earn an incredible paycheck? Sounds like the stuff that dreams are made of, right? Wrong! Thanks to affiliate marketing, you can earn money around the clock and get your life back!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most basic and easiest forms of marketing. In the simplest terms, affiliate marketing is the process of making a commission by promoting someone else’s products. Basically, you find products that you like or that you are familiar with, you promote those products, and for every sale that you make of those products, you earn a piece of the profit.

Sounds like the perfect gig, right? If it’s done the right way, it really is!

The Benefits of Starting an Affiliate Marketing Business

Starting a business and making money for yourself sounds like a great idea. In theory, it seems pretty simple, but in reality, it’s pretty tough. You have to choose the right niche, find the right audience, spend time developing awesome products that your audience will love, and market, market, market. There’s so much involved with starting a business that it can really seem like it’s a pipe dream.

If your dreams of starting your own business are being curtailed for one reason or another, you don’t have to give up hope. There is a way that you can get your own business going without investing a tremendous amount of money or devoting endless hours of your time. How, you ask? You guessed it! – With affiliate marketing!

What are the advantages of starting an affiliate marketing business? Here’s a look at some of the key benefits that this business model offers:

Inexpensive startup. Unlike other types of ventures, you don’t have to raise or invest a ton of cash to get an affiliate marketing business started. There’s no need to hit up banks, crowdsource, pitch yourself to potential marketers and hope they’ll bite, or persuade well-off family members to blindly put their faith in you. As a matter of fact, with affiliate marketing, you only have to spend a few bucks a month on a domain and hosting to launch a website (and sometimes, a website isn’t even necessary!) After that, the only real costs are content (which you can probably write yourself (or find an inexpensive ghostwriter to pen for you), selecting a CMS (content management system), and design for your website.

Start Earning (Relatively) Quickly. You aren’t going to start making money overnight, but when compared to a traditional business, you’ll probably make money much faster with an affiliate marketing business. Depending on the niche you choose, the products you are promoting and the efficiency of your website, you can start seeing a return on your investment in a matter of a few months!

Automation. Another major benefit of affiliate marketing is the fact that it can be automated. Once you have your system set up, you can automate the process. Once you do that, you’ll have plenty of time to spend doing whatever it is that you love because you won’t have to be enslaved to work.

It’s Easy! When it comes down to it, you could start an affiliate marketing business in a matter of minutes. No joke! In the same amount of time it takes you to read this article, you can go ahead and register a domain, find hosting, set up your website, and start promoting some products.

The Income Potential is Limitless. There really is no limit to how much money you can make with affiliate marketing. Depending on the market you’re in, the products you’re promoting, and the time you devote to your business, there’s a real chance that you could make a substantial amount of money.

7 Easy Steps To Get an Affiliate Marketing Business Started

So, given all of the benefits associated with affiliate marketing, you are probably wondering how you can go about starting your own online business.

Whether you’ve just been introduced to the idea of affiliate marketing, or you have been toying with the idea for a while, but have put it off because you don’t know how to get started, you’ll be happy to know that getting up and running isn’t as complicated as it might seem.

Here’s a look at 7 simple steps that will help you set up your affiliate marketing business so that you can start earning money as quickly as possible – and on your own time!

1. Select a Niche.

First thing first: you have to choose a niche. Before you start building your site, you have to figure out what niche you want to work within. Deciding on a niche will help you determine who you are going to target, and with what products. It’s kind of impossible to build a website if you don’t know either of these things.

If you aren’t sure what niche you should go into, here are some tips that could help you choose one:

Think about things that you are truly passionate about. It really is a lot easier to work on something when you’re passionate about it. Plus, you probably have a good bit of knowledge about the things that you’re really interested in, which will definitely be helpful.

Is there money to be made? Even if your passionate about the niche, if there isn’t a lot of money to be made, it might not be the best choice for you. After all, the entire point of starting an affiliate marketing business is to make money, right? Niches that are popular and there are a lot of interest in are going to make the most money.

Can you easily talk about the niche? If you’re looking to keep your investment costs down, you’re going to want to write your content yourself. Content is key to getting your affiliate marketing site noticed. Think about choosing a niche that you can easily talk about in interesting, informative, attention-grabbing and unique ways. You’ll need lots of content for your website.

2. Investigate Affiliate Programs.

Once you decide on a niche, the next thing you have to do is find out what is out there in regard to programs and products that can be promoted. It is probably going to take a bit of work to find the best affiliate program for your specific needs. Not going to lie: it’s going to take a bit of work. However, you shouldn’t be afraid of investing some time into researching the different options that are out there because this is where you will be getting your income from. Choosing the best program to suit your needs will be well worth your while in the end, so you definitely don’t want to put minimal effort into this step.

When you’re choosing an affiliate program, keep the following in mind:

What merchants use the program?

How much of a commission will you make?

Would you like to be associated with the products?

Does the program offer any support?

Some of the most popular affiliate programs include:

Clickbank: With a proven track record of success of nearly 2 decades, Clickbank is an excellent way to go. Offering a library of more than 6 million one-of-a-kind products that reach more than 200 million people world-wide, they’re one of the largest retailers online.

JVZoo – This is one of the fastest growing , and most well respected digital affiliate networks out there, that mainly centers around the internet marketing – affiliate marketing – and the make money online niche. But JVZoo has product listings in a lot of other niches as well you just have to look around. JVZoo pays out instant affiliate commissions straight to your Paypal account once you get established and get a few sales under your belt as an affiliate through there network. How cool is that? JVZoo definitely rocks!

Amazon: Honestly, Amazon doesn’t need an introduction because this online retailer is that recognizable. This US-based retailer is one of the largest online platforms in the world. Their affiliate network, Amazon Associates, gives you access to more than a million products that you can advertise to your market.

Rakuten: Previously known as, Rakuten has become a mega online retailer in recent years. In fact, they know rank among the top 3 ecommerce companies! They offer close to a million products that come from nearly 40,000 shop owners, and they have an astounding 18 million customers worldwide!

3. Start an Ecommerce Store.

After you decide on an affiliate program, set yourself up with an ecommerce store. In today’s business world, ecommerce is where you want to be! Business is booming in this sector, and it is only going to keep growing. Given the fact that more people shop online than anywhere else, and given the fact that more and more people are using the internet to fulfill their shopping needs on a daily basis, setting up an ecommerce store really is a no-brainer. Their easy for both you and your audience to use, maintenance is easy, and there’s very little overhead involved. In fact, there are plenty of free trials available for ecommerce stores. For example, you can get a free 14 day trial for your own ecommerce store here:

4. Consider a WordPress Site.

If setting up an ecommerce site isn’t your cup of tea, you can go the WordPress route instead. WordPress is one of the most trusted CMS (content management systems) in the world. This open source software offers tons of options, is easy to use, and is one of the most flexible systems out there. Whether you’ve never designed a website before, or you have ample experience, there’s no doubt that WordPress is a great way to go.

If you do decide to go the WordPress route, make sure you choose a top-rated webhost to get your site up and running. You can find one of the most reputable webhosts for WordPress here: Here, you’ll find a webhost that you can truly rely on to support your WordPress site, and garner tons of attention for the site. Once you’re set up, you can learn more about setting up a blog here:

5. Create Incredible Content.

Now that you have your site all set up and you have chosen an affiliate program, you can dive into what will likely be the most intensive – albeit, highly rewarding – part of your affiliate marketing business: generating awesome content.

Since the dawn of online marketing, the phrase “content is king” has existed. That phrase still applies today, and for good reason: content is the bread and butter of any website. It builds the authority of your site, makes you a reputable source, and offers your audience invaluable information. Content consists of product descriptions, product reviews, blog posts and evergreen articles. Whether you write it yourself or you hire someone to compose it for you, make sure it counts!

6. Build Your Audience.

In order to be successful, you have to build a following. You want to appeal to people who are interested in the products you are promoting and who will likely buy them. Not only will they usher in consistent traffic, but they’ll make continuous purchases.

How do you build an audience? With the following steps:

Take advantage of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are some of the most popular social networking sites. They also offer tremendous benefits for ecommerce websites. Harness their power and watch your sales grow!

Guest post: Find high-traffic blogs in your niche and inquire about becoming a guest poster. Why not capitalize on somebody else’s audience? Guest posting is a super effective free way to get some laser targeted free traffic to your blog, website, and affiliate offers. Especially if you have a knack for writing excellent compelling content.

7. Get Trained!

Want some real, solid advice for starting a successful affiliate marketing business? Why not look to someone who has a proven track record of success in the industry? There are plenty of affiliate marketers that offer training and would be more than happy to share their insight with you! When you’re looking for a training program, just a word of advice: look for someone that has a solid reputation and has successfully acquired a substantial income. You will be amazed by the powerful information that someone who has come from the same meager beginnings as you and has built themselves a thriving online business can offer!


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