My Top 5 Best Recommended Affiliate Marketing Blogs 2019: What You Really Need to Know?

Personally, for me Affiliate Marketing is a direct method of earning commission by promoting a product in your website or a social page.

In other words, you earn a commission by promoting a company’s or a person’s product. It’s an easy way to earn passive income. Just sign up for a program, put the links of the product on your site or social media page and watch your income grow from the purchases through your links.

Unfortunately, there are certain creases in the details of Affiliate Marketing that must be ironed out for you to truly appreciate the process and start earning significant income from it.

For me, the 3 Key Factors of becoming Successful in Affiliate Marketing are – 

Now, I don’t want to get too much into detail with Affiliate Marketing, but, what I will do is send you some links to my previous affiliate marketing blog posts which I have worked on and which you can have a run down at –

Disclaimer: These top 5 Affiliate Marketing Bloggers which I highly recommend are in NO way affiliated with The Affiliate Hub Blog

1. ShoutMeLoud Blog

The main pioneer behind the ShoutMeLoud Blog is Harsh Agarwal. He is a very famous Indian Blogger and recently, has received many International Blog Recognition Awards. One of which is the prestigious Indian Blogger Awards of the Year 2017. He has also been awarded as one of the best leading digital Entrepreneurs in India, the IB Business Award.

To tell you a bit about Harsh Agarwal, he’s a local Delhi (from New Delhi, India) boy. He started blogging as his passion and now is empowering more than 900,000+ readers globally by helping his readers understand more the concept of digital marketing and how they can enrich their lives with the power of blogging.

What I see is his passion to focus on three primary niches especially, blogging, affiliate marketing and, make money online.

As an experienced affiliate marketer, I really enjoyed Harh’s in dept knowledge in the field of sharing his affiliate marketing knowledge and mind you, he get’s pretty much in detail with his affiliate marketing niche. Some of his blog posts include topics such as, A Complete Guide to Creating An Amazon Affiliates Site with WooCommerce, The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Amazon Affiliate Marketing, Must-Know Things Before Joining Any Affiliate Marketing, and the list goes on..

I especially enjoyed reading one of his Affiliate Marketing blog post about What is Affiliate Marketing & FAQ. I like the fact that Harsh gave a complete overview of the Affiliate Marketing process and the types of common Affiliate Marketing Terms being associated with the subject of Affiliate Marketing.

He talks about OPM, 2-tier affiliate marketing, link cloaking, etc. For the Affiliate Marketing FAQ subject, he has addressed important points like, how much money you can make as an affiliate blogger?, whether it is important to have a blog for affiliate promotion?, qualifications needed to be an Affiliate Marketer, and more..

I highly recommend you guys to check out his ShoutMeLoud blog. It’s what I like to call as a Content Rich Blog 😎

2. Affilorama

Affilorama is an online training portal tailored to suit the likes of affiliate marketers. It was founded in 2006, by prominent affiliate marketer, Mark Ling, and Co-founder and CEO Simon Slade. Affilorama is clearly catered for beginner and intermediate affiliate marketers.

They have a thriving blog which is kept updated with the latest in internet marketing tips and tricks.

Most of the blog post contributors on Affilorama are experienced affiliate marketers who have very good sound knowledge about their respective affiliate marketing topics.

Here is a list of their Top Blog Contributors –

I especially enjoyed this blog post about Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: How to Make Your First Affiliate Marketing Sale in 7 Steps by Radhika Basuthakur. She talks about the 7 steps to earning your first affiliate commission, i.e. choosing a niche, how to do research for the best affiliate program?, and the list goes on.

Now, I am well aware that Affilorama is an affiliate marketing training platform where users need to sign up as a paid member and receive all the required affiliate marketing training tools, like video courses, forum access and much more.

You may like to check their blog section out as I find it to be very informative.

#3 Smart Blogger

The site is called Smart Blogger. Smart Blogger is the next step in the evolution of boosting Blog Traffic, created by popular blogger Jon Morrow in 2012. Smart Blogger primarily caters to bloggers who want to increase their blog traffic and the strategic tools which are provided to them.

Don’t get me wrong but SmartBlogger provides some really cool contents when it comes to the Blogging niche. I also find they have focused well on the Make Money Online (MMO) category and a few well written articles on Affiliate Marketing.

Most of the blog artices on SmartBlogger have been written by Jon Morrow, but there are also other authors who have contributed well their personal insights in the field of Affiliate Marketing and MMO niche.

One of my favorite affiliate posts from SmartBlogger is about the 9 Best Affiliate Networks for Earning Passive Income 2019 by Kevin J. Duncan. His post has a compelling Q&A session were he talks about the basics of Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Network and goes about talking how to really make a substantial amount of passive income with different Affiliate Networks. Kevin has provided a clear review of the Affiliate Networks and its benefits.

Now, I do understand there is not much of content for Affiliate Marketing in this site. But, from a blogger point of view, it’s really a handy informative platform for most bloggers to have a clear insight in the field of blogging and proven strategies to help you transform your blog into a viral blog and helping you create more reader engagement.

Do check out SmartBlogger

#4 Pat Flynn

Many of you have heard of Pat Flynn. He’s a very famous blogger, entrepreneur, digital marketer and a famous YouTuber having over 150,000+ subscribers. Most of Patt’s YouTube videos are about blogging and digital marketing related.

Now Pat Flynn runs his own blog called the Smart Passive Income Blog. Most of the articles from the Smart Passive Income Blog is very transparent and helping other affiliate marketers and bloggers to answer all their queries in these specific niches.

Pat Flynn with his Smart Passive Income Blog has earned over $2 million through affiliate marketing in 2017. You should know that the majority of Pat’s business revenue is coming from different affiliate income streams. His major source of affiliate income is coming from Bluehost. Below is a screenshot of his Bluehost Total Revenue Analysis –

pat flynn bluehost1 - Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Blogs 2019 I The Affiliate HubHere’s a distribution of Pat’s revenue sources:

Pat Flynn also concentrates on his other revenue streams such as, podcast advertising, software, and apps, and selling courses/e-books online. Right now, Pat’s come out with his two new best-sellers which are making huge waves in Amazon Kindle Store, namely, LetGo by Pat Flynn (for $2.99) and Will It Fly? How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time and Money by Pat Flynn (Available in Paperback and Kindle)(Kindle version for $6.99 and Paperback version download for $15.26).

Pat’s the real deal and I would highly encourage my fellow Affiliate Marketers to check out his Smart Passive Income Blog.

Finally, last but not the least.

#5 The Charles Ngo Affiliate Marketing Blog

Charles Ngo is a young dynamic 35-year-old Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneur and is an Internet Marketer from Miami, Florida. He has more than 10+ years of experience in the field of Affiliate Marketing. He started his career in the field of Affiliate Marketing in 2008 and made over a million dollars in profit. Charles Ngo loves to travel around the globe and attends important Affiliate Marketing events to help train people on how to become Super Affiliates.

His blog is jam-packed with full of content-rich blog posts, providing resources, tools, and strategies to transform any average affiliate marketer into a super affiliate.

If you ask me what sort of affiliate offers Charles makes with his revenue earning from? Well, they are primarily focused on Lead Generation and Mobile App offers.

Oh, I forgot to mention, not only does his blog offers affiliate marketing tips, but Charles also shares his personal insights in lifestyle and career advice.

I really enjoyed reading most of his Affiliate Marketing blog posts. One of his blog posts really got my attention going and it’s about 4 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Risks in Affiliate MarketingOn this post, Charles talks about the kind of scenarios which can go wrong when trying to make it big in the affiliate marketing world. A must read through for all affiliate marketers who would like to avoid the pitfall.

To conclude, I would like to state that the above list of My Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Blogs 2019 are my personal picks which I found to relate and engage with well as an affiliate marketer. I’m sure there are tons of other top affiliate marketing blogs out there on the net. Which one is your favorite? 😊

Now, over to you!

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